2019 Sauvignon Blanc Workshop

Workshop presentation videos

Use password: SBL2019

Nick Hoskins: New clones & vine breeding programmes

Wendy Stuckey: Flavour Gradients in Marlborough

Nikolai St George: Alternatives to sulphur in the vineyard

Patrick Materman: Adding value to Sauvignon Blanc

Roger Boulton: Redox potential during fermentation and ageing

Mike Trout: Characterising micro-climate differences and its effect on Sauvignon Blanc

Mark Ward: Aromatic fermentation aids trial

Mark Kraznow: Optimising water use for Sauvignon Blanc production

James Healy: making wines for the future

Helen Morrison: Yeasts that don’t ferment

Ed Massey: Adapt to change

Dion Mundy: Managing vine health in our ageing vineyard

Chris Brandolino: Adapting to climate change in the wine sector

Alana McGettigan: Yield & side effects on Sauvignon Blanc style and quality