2016 Red Wine  Workshop

NZSVO 2016 Red Wine Workshop
Theme - The "taste" of tannins
Venue - EIT Hawke's Bay
Date - Thursday 29th September

This NZSVO Red Wine Workshop, is the latest in our series of annual technical workshops and is targeted at grape growers, wine makers, other wine professionals and sommeliers with an interest in red wines. 

This workshop will be largely concerned with the impact of the tannins on the structure and palate of red wines especially those made from the traditional Bordeaux red varieties.  Much of the material is also directly relevant to Pinot Noir and other red varieties. 

The workshop will follow the wine judging of the 2016 Hawke's Bay A&P Bayleys Wine Awards and where appropriate, wines will be selected from the competition entries and these will be evaluated and discussed by the workshop delegates and speakers.  Two of the workshop speakers, Susan Bastian and Warren Gibson will have been judges in the competion.  Warren is to be the chief judge.

NZSVO has successfully run a number of similar workshops in the past.  In addition NZSVO hosted the very successful International Cool Climate symposiums in 1988 and 2006.

Keynote speaker - Dr Susan Bastian, Associate Professor Oenology and Sensory Studies, The University of Adelaide

Workshop programme

         Workshop programme

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