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SPARKLING Wine - the ultimate challenge?                       JOINING the Dots 28/8/18                                                                               

“Could Sparkling wine be the most challenging of all styles? Both Ed Carr and Louisa Rose believe so. Not only because of the ‘living near the edge' due to the necessity of requiring cool climate fruit, but also because of the extended time it takes for the finished product to evolve…”                                         New Zealand Winegrower June/July 2018.

To read the full interview with Ed Carr and Louisa Rose, follow the link  page 28.

If you are interested in the challenge that is Sparkling wine, register now for the one day workshop Joining the Dots with a range of expert speakers from NZ and Australia.

Sessions cover viticulture, base wine processing, impact and evolution of yeasts, and production technology, including selected Sparkling wine tastings, and the day finishes with an informal tasting session hosted by Methode Marlborough.

The workshop in Blenheim, Marlborough runs on Tuesday August 28th, the day before the Bragato Conference 2018 opens in Wellington.

Discounts apply for members of NZSVO and registration includes 6 Riedel champagne glasses.

For further information and registration, link to NZSVO workshops 



                SPARKLING Wine - the new direction?                                JOINING the Dots 28/8/18                                             


The NZSVO Sparkling wine workshop, scheduled for 28/8/18 in Marlborough, continues a long tradition of informative and challenging platforms where winemakers and viticulturists meet.

Dr Richard Smart, the inaugural President writes from his desk:

I am so pleased to see the NZSVO conduct this seminar. I hope that this may be the focus for the NZ wine sector to seriously investigate a sparkling wine component in its portfolio. Among premium and expensive wines of the world, sparkling wines hold a special place and could contribute substantially to the sector's earnings and the national economy. 

Unlike other wines of France, the Champagne region has little competition globally for wines of those varieties. One emerging competitor is where I now live, the UK. Interestingly this is wine produced in climates notably cooler than Champagne, and distinctly maritime. Such climates would be found in NZ but not so wet, and so avoid uneconomic yields. 

From a resource viewpoint there is no reason why New Zealand might not assume the mantle of number two Champagne producer in the world. And then there is Prosecco and other styles. 

I would urge those attending to give this viewpoint serious consideration. Hopefully investment may follow. After all, there is more to wine exports than Sauvignon Blanc.

Best wishes for a successful seminar. That is what NZSVO is for, to hold such events.

Best regards,


Dr Richard Smart, "the flying vine-doctor"SMART VITICULTURE, 8 Lemon Row, Truro, Cornwall, TR12EB, UK
m +44 (0)7412 109 092
Email: Web: Skype: vinedoctor             



Innovation Seminar Mildura, Vic, Australia 25-26 July 2018

The mid-year ASVO seminar will be held in Mildura on the 25-26th July 2018. The annual seminar for this year will focus on the management of pests and diseases. Pest and disease management has been a hot topic across the industry for several years given the challenges faced from changing weather patterns, limited agrochemical options and exotic species.

“Each season presents different challenges across our winegrowing regions. Pest and disease management is a priority area to examine and redefine best management practices”, says Dr Mardi Longbottom, Chair of the Program Committee.
Attendees at this year's seminar will have the opportunity to gain an insight into the latest research from both Australian and international speakers on topics ranging from managing existing pests and diseases, exotic pest prevention and enduring vine health for future vineyard productivity.
The seminar will also include the latest research on the topic along with a strong practical element on practical implementation. The program and online registration will be available closer to the event at



Date:     Tuesday 17th  October 2017 

Venue:   Wither Hills Winery Board Room, 211 New Renwick Rd, Burleigh, Fairhall 7272
Time:     1:00pm.


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Nominations are called for the officers of the Society.  If you would like to nominate someone to join the committee please download and fill in the nomination form.

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The Society was set up in the mid 1980s with the aim of hosting the second International Cool Climate Symposium which it did.

Since then it has run numerous workshops, conferences and in 2006 NZSVO hosted the Sixth International Symposium for Cool Climate Viticulture and Oenology.

The society entered a very strong bid for the 2020 International Symposium for Cool Climate Viticulture and Oenology but was unfortunately not selected as the organisers decided to award the hosting rights to a country that had not hosted the event previously.  Canada is the host of the 2020 event.

More history

The society is in a very strong position financially and well able to host future events.

A number of the existing committee members have decided that now is a good time to step down after many years service to the organisation.

This has created opportunities for new people to join and help take the organisation to a new level.

Glen Creasy, the President is leaving New Zealand and will need replacing.

Nick Sage who has been the Executive Officer, which is a paid position, since 2001 is standing down.

Evan Ward and Bala are also standing down after many years probably going back to the 1980s.

NZSVO unsuccessful in its bid to host 2020 International Cool Climate Symposium

NZSVO was unsuccessful in its bid to host the 2020 International Cool Climate Wine Symposium.

The successful bid was awarded to Canadian Vintners Association and it will be held in Ontario in 2020.

NZSVO would like to thank all the individuals and organisations that assisted in the creation of our bid.

Tenth International Cool Climate Symposium in 2020

NZSVO have confirmed with the 2020 ICCWS Symposium selection panel that a pitch to hold the 2020 symposium in New Zealand will be submitted to the panel by the closing date of 14th April.

The selection panel has also received notices of intention to submit a bid from Australia, Chile and Canada.

The following process will be followed:

NZSVO has hosted this event twice before.  Firstly the 2nd ICCS which was held in Auckland in 1988 and the second the 6th ICCS which was held in Christchurch in 2006

Further information will be posted here as it comes to hand.


Date:      Monday 19th October
Venue:    Omarino Wine Park, 638 Harewood Road, Christchurch
Time:     1:30pm.



Nominations are called for the officers of the Society.  If you would like to nominate someone to join the committee please download and fill in the nomination form.

You will be transferred to the web page to access the nomination form.

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NZSVO Young Viticulturist Travel Grant

NZSVO are proud to be associated with The Bayer Young Viticulturist Competition.

NZSVO provides a $5000 travel grant to the winner of the national competition.

Winners to date have been:

Stuart Dudley has been a speaker at the 2012 and 2013 NZSVO Workshops and Braden Crosby at the 2014 NZSVO Workshop.

Tenth International Cool Climate Symposium in 2020

NZSVO is currently preparing a bid for the 2020 International Cool Climate.  Our bid will be presented at the Ninth International Cool Climate Symposium in Brighton, UK in May 2016.

Watch this space for updates!

Ninth International Cool Climate Wine Symposium,      26 - 28 May, 2016

9th International Cool Climate Symposium - Successful wine production in changing climates

The programme will be organised along three main themes:

Symposium web page

Eighth International Cool Climate Symposium in January, 2012  in Hobart

NZSVO were proud to sponsor members Rod Chittenden to attend the eighth International Cool Climate Symposium.

Seventh International Cool Climate Symposium and the 61st ASEV National Conference in June, 2010 in Seattle, Washington.

NZSVO were proud to sponsor members Ruby Andrew and Randy Weaver to attend the seventh International Cool Climate Symposium and the 61st ASEV National Conference in June in Seattle, Washington.

NZSVO hosted the 2nd ICCS Symposium in Auckland in 1988 and the 6th ICCS symposium in Christchurch in 2006.