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NZSVO was set up in 1985 by a number of individuals from the grape growing and winemaking industries, academics and researchers with the aim:

"To promote the dissemination of technical information in viticulture and oenology and related sciences for the benefit of the grape and wine industries of New Zealand."

NZSVO is not aligned with any other industry organisation and divorces itself from commercial politics. Its membership includes people with a common desire to gain increased knowledge about all aspects associated with our industry.

The aims of this organization are met by providing information on this web site, electronic newsletters, running seminars and conferences.

What are the benefits of Membership?

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Types of Membership:

Current subscription: $115**

Corporate 1
Up to a maximum of 3 members in an organisation.
Current subscription: $260

Corporate 2
Up to a maximum of 8 members in an organization. Rates can be negotiated for more than eight members in an organization.
Current subscription: $430

Open to students enrolled in New Zealand universities and polytechnics and grape growing and winemaking programs. (Proof of enrolment is required with the application.)
Current subscription: $50

** 2014 Membership fee

Non members may subscribe to our newsletter.